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10 S&P 500 Stocks to Buy for the Long Term

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The last few days have been tough ones for too many investors in S&P 500 stocks. Though far from devastating, the existing backdrop of anxiety exacerbated the fear incited by the modest selloff. And traders still aren’t sure what the foreseeable future holds. In simplest terms, it’s just plain stressful.

It’s times like these when the “old school” approach of buy and hold — meaning buy it and forget about it — starts to sound compelling again. In other words, forget the day-to-day battles. Sit back and trust that time will do the heavy lifting for you.

To that end, here’s a rundown of 10 large-cap names that are well-suited for that precise approach. They’re all S&P 500 stocks, and more than that, they’re all names that don’t require constant babysitting. You can count on them more or less being the same company a year from now, and even five years from now.


In no particular order…

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