Partnerships and Syndication

Partnerships and Syndication


Content Partnerships provides creative, customized e-content solutions that help you educate, inform, retain and acquire customers, and enhance your website with our trustworthy, non-biased personal finance and business content.

On-Site Partnerships offers a wide variety of opportunities for your business to interact with its affluent audience.

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Print Syndication

The wisdom of the Kiplinger publishing group is available as a consumer news service to help readers navigate the basics of personal finance. The service supplies hundreds of reader-friendly articles, interviews, case studies, Q&A's and other features from the renowned Kiplinger newsletters, magazines, and special reports. The content is made-to-order for print newspapers and for advertorial and niche publications.

For more information on Kiplinger’s Consumer News Service offered by Tribune Media Services, please contact:

Scott Cameron
(312) 222-8697